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Black Cat Pounder - Model 40 - Fence Post Driver

The Model 40 Fence Post Driver is designed for practicality. It is a great machine for the active rancher and fence builder. It can drive up to 10 foot or 16 foot tall wood post, pipe or T-posts, depending on the mask length.

This machine has the following attractive features:

40 H.P. or better tractor or skid steer loader.

Handles up to 10' or 16' wood, cedar posts, pipe or t-posts.

Mobility - It mounts on smaller tractors that can be driven onto most trailers without disassembling and maintaining legal heights for travel.

Center balanced and simple design.

U. S. standard replaceable wear parts for user friendliness.

Efficiency. Labor and time saver.

Standardized three point hook up.

Mountable on conventional tractors, as well as skid steers utilizing a heavy duty skid steer adapter.

Free standing while not attached to tractor or skid steer.

Information on the Model 40 Fence Post Driver:

Years of research and development went into the first Black Cat Post Pounder models. Back the early days the Black Cat Post Pounder found its way into a recognized market of commercial fence builders as well as end users in the likes of independent ranchers, cattlemen, property owners and livestock and game managers.

Over the years the Black Cat Post Pounder has proven itself for other markets also, including being used for security fencing, game fencing, highway guard rail contractors, and building contractors. We have seen our post drivers mounted on barges for pier, docks and bulkhead installations. One customer mounted our unit on a Snow King to be used to build snow barriers for the building up of snow for a ski resort.

Today, the Black Cat Post Pounder has active users in 31 of the 50 United States. We have shipped post drivers to Mexico and South America, including Uruguay. If you are interested in purchasing the Black Cat Post Pounder, hopefully its success will speak for itself.

The Technology behind the Black Cat Post Pounder:

The cable over hydraulic system technology we incorporate into our fence post drivers has proven itself to be successful and effective, with some of our original machines from back in 1999 still in active service today. The beauty of our simplistic system is utilizing a hydraulic cylinder to accelerate lifting a drop weight by cable through a series of pulleys and having the ability to control the drop impact onto a post to affectively drive it into virgin ground to a desired depth without damaging the post. The drop weight does not hit the post directly but hits a beam guided pounding cap that controls the top of the post. The operator has control by the use of a hydraulic control handle of how often and how hard to hit the post to drive it to the depth he or she wants. A safety feature is made note of that if the operator hand slips off the handle, the drop weight will stop in mid-air. The beam that the drop weight rides up and down also is utilized to align the post. There is typically a window of opportunity (up to 24 inches) to align the post. If the post tends to go crooked, the operator can simply line it back up with the beam and keep pounding.

Benefits of our Fence Post Driver:

Lessening labor costs which have increased profit margins for commercial fence builders.

Time savings compared to drilling, auguring, backfilling and tamping

Tax incentive to purchase depreciable income producing equipment

Can assist in controlling operating costs for independent ranchers

Financing is available for this purchase

For ranchers, independence from hiring fence builders

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Leaseing Financing a Black Cat Fence Post Driver Pounder

Details Specifications:

Model 40 Model 80
Mounting Type of three point hitch the Black Cat Post Pounder is compatiable with. Category I & II Category I & II
Mast Length Length of the main beam from ground to the top of device. 10' 0" or 16' 0" 16' 0"
Pounder Weight The weight of the pounder. 550 lbs. 550 lbs.
Tilt Front/Back The amount the device will tilt from front to back. 20% 20%
Tilt Side/Side The amount the device will tilt from side to side. 20% 20%
Legs Feet that allow the Black Cat Cat Post Pounder to be free standing while not on a skid steer or tractor. Adjustable Adjustable
Side Shift Gives the operator the ability to shift & adjust the main beam out to the fence line. Optional 10" Hydraulic 16" Hydraulic
Pounding Cap Cap that slides up and done on the main beam and acts as a barrier between the pounder and the post. Standard Standard
Max. Post Height Maximum length of post or pipe that can be used with the Black Cat Post Pounder. 10' or 16' 16'
Min. Hydraulic PSI Minimum Hydraulic pressure required to run the Black Cat Post Pounder. 1600 psi 1600 psi
Volume Oil/Min. Minimum Hydraulic oil volume required to run the Black Cat Post Pounder. 8 GPM 8 GPM
Shipping Weight Approximate shipping weight. 1400 lbs. 2400 lbs.


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